I Have a Rental Home in Tulsa, Should I Sell it?


Have you been tossing around the idea of selling your rental property in Tulsa? If this is because you have discovered that a former tenant has left the place in smithereens, or because you are tired of needy tenants, then we will help you decide if you should sell the place or not. 

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If you are tired of being a landlord and a handyman, then you are probably heavily considering if you should sell your rental home or not. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to see if it is worth selling your property in Tulsa. 

  1. Are my tenants needy?
  2. Do I want to be available anytime to help my needy tenants?
  3. Did my former tenants destroy the place?
  4. Do I have money to fix up the place every time a tenant damages the home?
  5. Do I want to keep fixing up the place?
  6. Is the property profitable?

This is a very short list of some of the things you can ask yourself if you are a landlord wanting to possibly sell. Every time you are enjoying a little break, or if you are wanting to leave on a vacation, are your tenants keeping you from this? Once your tenants’ contracts are up and they move out are you finding that you are having to make a lot of repairs and renovations on the home? Well if you are being kept from the things you would like to do or having to make a lot of repairs to a place that you don’t even live in then maybe it is time to sell the place. 

Should I make repairs and renovations one last time to the home before selling it?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is no reason to keep dumping money and time into a home that you are not planning on keeping. These changes are not going to add value to your property either, so keep your money and use your time for your own desires. No need to keep tending to strangers needs! It’s time to start using your time for yourself. Go on a vacation, or spend time with your family. 

So how can I sell my rental home without having to fix it?

It’s is so simple it may blow your mind. We are cash home buyers in Tulsa and we will purchase it as is. This means that you can just sell it to us and walk away from your nightmare. 

If you are tired of this phase of life then call Atlas Homes at 918-347-1414. We will come out and give you a guaranteed cash offer as soon as you would like. Once you accept the offer we will not back out and can close on the home quickly.

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